In general

The dental practice Zürichsee was founded in 1997 in Pfäffikon, on the lake of Zurich, and is now managed by three dentists: Dr. med. dent. Peter Baur, Dr. med. dent. Andreas Rée and Dr. med. dent. Lorenzo Pagliaro.

Dr. med. dent. Peter Baur and Dr. med. dent. Andreas Rée will take care of you in the areas general dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, dental aesthetics and functional diagnostics as well as pediatric dentistry. Dr. med. dent. Lorenzo Pagliaro is our specialist in orthodontics and is in charge of all treatments regarding jaw and teeth misalignments.

For your treatment, the three partners will be well complemented by other well-trained dentists and orthodontists. In addition, a friendly and professional team of dental hygienists and dental assistants will take care of your general well-being.